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RADIATOR GUARDS make & model

RADIATOR GUARDS - 316 stainless steel

WHY YOU NEED ONE - motorcycle radiators contain coolant with GLYCOL - Glycol is as slippery as oil.
Radiators are pressurised and when punctured spray GLYCOL forwards towards the front tyre & brake calipers. You won’t even know its happened till you turn or try to brake. This is why GLYCOL is banned from use on race tracks and only clear water can be used.

CONSTRUCTION - Warp Speed Radiator Guards are made of 316 Marine Grade fine stainless steel mesh. Full air flow and maximum protection from high velocity road & track debris is assured.

The Warp Speed radiator guards are shaped & designed to flex perfectly into the side radiator gutters - rubber surrounds lock it into place - cable ties ensure added security

ADVANTAGES - Total protection - Will block ALL high velocity road & track debris thrown up by a leading bike. Unlike competitors soft alloy/wide mesh design.
Stops ALL insects being crushed into the radiator fins

Easy to clean - simple brush & hose

Easy to install & remove - no bolts to undo

COLOURS - The colours used are High Performance Ceramic coatings which are Silver/Black/Blue/Green/Gold/Red

FITTING - On over 98% of popular bikes - no fairings have to be removed. The Warp Speed radiator guard simply flexes behind the front wheel into place. Cable ties round the radiator mounts ensure additional security.

LONGEVITY - After 10 years of extensive use on the road & race track R&D - none have rusted or deteriorated and still look as good as the day they were put on. Used exclusively by over 25 top Superbike and Supersport Road racers in Australia

RANGE - Warp Speed makes radiator guards for ANY bike with a radiator or oil cooler. If we don’t have it in stock we will make it specially to order for you. ALL new bike model radiator guards are available within 2 days of the Australian release date.

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